Online Banking Security:

Prospect Federal Savings Bank is strongly committed to safety and
security of your personal information. New scams targeting businesses
and individuals alike are being developed every day. Here are a
few ways to keep yourself protected:

  • Ensure that your own personal computer has the most current
    Updates. i.e. Operating System, Antivirus,
    Anti-Malware/spyware, and firewall protections.
  • Always use your established favorite’s links to access
    websites and avoid clicking on links in unsolicited e-mails.
  • Watch out for copycat websites that deliberately use a name
    or Web address very similar to, but not the same as the real
    one. The intent is to lure you into clicking through to their
    website and giving out your personal information, such as a
    bank account number, credit card number or Online Banking
    login information.
  • Passwords should be unique to you and changed regularly.
    Do not use numbers or words that may be easy for others to
    guess. Never write down your password or give it to another
    person. Please remember that we will never contact you
    directly to ask you to disclose your password information.
  • Always use your established favorite’s links to access
    websites and avoid clicking on links in unsolicited e-mails.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a big concern today. It occurs when a thief
discovers someone's personal financial information and uses it
to make purchases or steal money from them. While law
enforcement and financial institutions are working to prevent
identity theft, consumers need to take precautions.
Here are some things you can do:

  • Protect your Social Security, bank account, and credit
    card numbers at all times. Also be careful with your PINs and
  • Never provide confidential information in response to a phone
    call, letter or an email no matter how friendly or official it
    appears. These scams are called "phishing."
  • Don't throw away old ATM or credit card receipts, bank
    statements or tax returns without shredding them
    first. Thieves pick through trash bins looking for trash they
    can turn into cash.
  • Guard your mailbox to protect confidential information sent
    to you. Pick up your mail as soon as you can. When mailing
    a check, put it in a postal service mailbox. Don't leave it for
    a postal carrier to pick up.
  • Never provide financial information when visiting a website
    unless it clearly explains how your personal information is
  • Before disposing of an old computer, erase files that contain
    financial records, tax returns and other personal

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